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some steaming hot coffee to bring energy to your blog.

Anonymous said: You guys should maybe consider making jewelry, like charm bracelets and earrings. think of all the totally radical stuff you could turn into charms.

Thanks so much for the suggestion.

What a great place in our backyard or close to our backyard
Start the day right #morningquote #kitchenart #dowhatyoulove (at Blue Q Kitchen)


The cabin in the woods

Get out and explore

Is it weird? I don’t think so. #20days20soaps #blueqness #soap #luxury  (at Blue q)
We’ve waiting so long to tell you and now we finally can!  Introducing our brand new line of Luxury Soaps!! 20 soaps in a medley of delightful scents, made with pure vegetable base and essential oils. Plus, they’re really funny!  Check out the whole line at! #20days20soaps


The Art of Silence – a montage of Martin Scorsese’s “deliberate and powerful use of silence.” Pair with the origin and cultural evolution of silence.


Self portrait. Keith Haring.